...What are you learning now?

To write something in English is still difficult for me.

Yesterday, drinking alchohol, I wrote down a trivial things in this blog.

Meaningless entry for you to get something valuable.

That entry, however, includes a bit of what I learned from playing "Are you a werewolf?" in one of online server.

To condescend to criticize other people is very easy.
There are many players who tend to criticize and not to review their behaviors.
It is very disgusting and contemptible.

Don't carry away by your immediate emotions or heuristics.
You should focus on what truth is.
It is undeniable that there are invariable facts however hard you try.
This game is a kind of too much simplified version of a real society.
Since this is just a trivial game, you are not necessary to cling to the result of game. However, I believe, what you learned from this game is very important. I guess what philosophy you think important from the remarks in games and especially in the review of games.
Do you think this game is useful for becoming sociable person in real world?