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Cross Book review (Hope's side)

In this entry, I'd like to introduce the book,
"A prepatory-reading boy and a napplicant girl -Gentle sky looks at an introvert Sea.- "

Amazon.co.jp: 下読み男子と投稿女子 -優しい空が見た、内気な海の話。 (ファミ通文庫): 野村 美月, えいひ: 本


The plot of this book is as follows: The protagonist is a boy who earns money by prepatory-reading manuscripts applied for a New-face novel awards. Accidentally, he reads a manuscript applied by a girl who belongs to the same high school. This event leads him to have interests in the girl, and he tried to have a conversation with her. She is worried since she doesn't get what to do in order to pass the first round examination of New-Face novel awards, so he decides to help her complete a novel which is expected to be passed in the examination of the first round examination of the award. 


I focus on two good points of this book.


Firstly, the author worked as a prepatory-reader of many novel awards, so the description of the boy's job is very vivid. By reading this book, we can know the job of prepatory-readng. In addition to that, The boy has a kind of philosophy for the job as well as the author, so we can enjoy the same kind of pleasure and excitment when we listen to lectures of experts.
"The description of the scene in the novel should be reflectd in the feelings of the protagonist."
"Though writing objective data is one of effective methods, focusing on the movement of the subject is sometimes more effective for a vivid description."
I'm sure that these kinds of advice are very informative for those who analyse novels (surely inculuding applicants for novel awards. )


Secondly, I love  such a philosopy that all things should be admitted and recognized as it is at first, at least. The protagonist loves everything. If the subject has a blemish or a fault, then he can love this flaw as it is. If the subject is perfect, then he can love this supremacy. He can detect value in anything. I admire this philosphy and I have to pursue to acquire this philosophy.


The convervation with those who have their philosophies is very interesting.
Those who have profound experince, careful consideration, and resolution even in despair can provide splendid lecture for us. By reading this book, we can feel not only the prestine relationship of youth boy and girl, but also extraorinary philosophies. I think this book is worth of reading for touching with philosophies regaring creation.
I hope you can also enjoy these philosophies!