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The reading diary in Friday night


I think sometimes I have to write something in English, so I'd like to introduce some interesting books I read these days. Especially, what I submit in twitter is terrible, especially, when it is written in English, so terrible. It cannot be helped, that is my ability. Nevertheless, don't you think it is a learner's pride to challenge something difficult, compared to the current skill other? This is one of experience to gain my experience points! Like we wouldn't make a progress in "Mafia", without exposing our stupidity!

Three books I read these days.

"Book Girl and the Captive Fool"

This is a story about a boy who tried to be sincere to people around him, but against his intention, eventually he injured his friends or his family. You reconsider the fact that sometimes everyone tries to hide their intentions in this society, either to prevent harming someone else or to protect themselves.


This is a story about a cursed boy, who are sent to the camp for delinquents, where he was forced to dig holes every day. In this novel, the story in the past and current one was intertwined, so in a certain way, this book is a collection of short stories. The protagonist suffers from unreasonable events. Readers relate their own challenging situations to the ones in the story, and feel sympathy with characters in this book. At least, I am one of such readers.

"Fuzzy Mud"

The author is the same as "Holes". Apparently, this book seems a child literature, but I think this book is classified as Science Fiction. I think the author present us the following question.

"Suppose that there are a kind of energy. By using this energy, humans are able to reduce the consumption of crude oil and emission of carbon dioxide. The defect of this energy, however, is that there are risks that this energy damages ecosystem. The risk is difficult to evaluate. At least, until now, no incidents are reported that this energy harms ecosystem, however, theoretically, it is impossible to deny that this energy gives disastrous effect on nature, though it is very small probability. Do you accept this type of energy as a sustainable energy in your life?" When we hear this type of questions, we think of nuclear power.

I cannot help but feel this kind of problem. On the other hand, as a feature of child literature, the bully is described in this book, and many classmates are indifferent of this kind of problem.

Reading this book, I feel indifference is a key point to taste this book. This poing is clear in both of the problem of sustainable energy and the one of bullying in educational institutions. In real world, both are taken as crucial topics by mass medias, but actually, many people indifferent to the problems. People cannot feel urgency unless they are exposed to harsh events.

The author does not strongly claims or implies tha people should not be indifferent to these kinds of problems, and I feel that is a good strategy for humans. One of characters in "Book Girl and the Captive Fool" tries to be very sincere to people around him, but eventually, they are hurt as he tries to be sincere to the others, and cynically he hurts himself and creates tragedy.

We have a lot of problems around us. Although we pursue our happiness, and try to improve our living, bad luck or unexpected conflicts with others strike us. Sometimes, unreasonable misfortunes shroud us harshly. I wonder what we should do to become happy... Sometimes, I think I have to feel happiness for the act of digging a hole as token of accomplishment in the protagonist of "Holes", though from the bottom of heart, it is totally meaningless in a virtual way. it maybe important to find a value in the process itself, not in the results. I cannot help but feel lack of competence, if I would focus on only the results.

Being sincere to the others or not are both of strategies to make a life in this society. I cannot deny both of them, but I belive you should make a decision on the basis of consideration. it may be the worth of living this world from the perspective of process. What I think in this world is worth. I want to believe that.

Various events happen everyday. I hope we could enjoy tomorrow.


This is also a practice of markdown and vim... It seems difficult for me, yet, to write something is the speed of thinking. I'd like to accelerate competence of my brain, while I improve efficiency of output skill...