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Book girl and the Famished Sprit -How much emotion can you feel? -

Book Girl and the Famished Spirit: Mizuki Nomura: 9780316076920: Amazon.com: Books



Konoha Inoue is a member of Literature club, and writes short stories for his president, Tohko Amano who loves eating a book literally.
At first, Konoha feels nervous, but little by little he has been accustomed to the scene where she devours a sheet of paper.
One day, Literature club receives a cryptic message from an unknown person who claims she is a ghost.
She tries to identify the sender who pretends to be the ghost with Konoha.
However, sad, horrible and sorrowful stories waits for them...


This book is splendid. I am sorry that my explanation cannot convey interesting points of this book correctly, even the half.
When I read this book, I consider the capacity of feeling something for humans. We may hear that some argue that indifference is the cruelest reaction in social relations. It is natural especially for young people to be scolded. They can change themselves because some people have interests in them. Without criticisms, people cannot make progress. Hence, being indifferent is very cruel.
The situation in this book is quite opposite. Characters in this books were usually obsessed only with their precious existence. They have very narrow views. They don't care of other people. They only pursue what they want from the bottom of their hearts, putting aside anything else. Some people trespass the boundary of ethics.
This book is filled with strong emotions, love, hatred, revenge...and so on.
I think what extent feeling individuals can feel is limited. Though capacity for feelings varies from person to person, no person cannot handle limitless emotion. Hence, those who are obsessed with something tend to ignore anything else.
Surely, being indifference could lead to disasters little by little, but Obsessing too much with something also draws unfortunate consequences. On the basis of common sense, we can conclude that balancing the feelings and emotions is a necessary skill of human as a social creature.
Nevertheless, after I read this book, I want to admit that being obsessed with only one objective in their life is one way of living. Ignoring other people with very narrow minds and self-centered philosophy, not being reluctant to hurt others for oneself, and only focusing on their strong desires...
I think what a reader can feel differs from person to person, but I assure that you can sense too-strong emotions that you might feel disgusting by reading this book.



I wonder what I feel when I re-read this entry in five or ten years...
I hope I can understand what I mean currently.... in the future.
(I cannot have confidence in writing something in English...)