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Book review -Liv, Forever- written by Amy Talkington

(To be honest, I skipped the part not suitable to my taste, so this entry is a little bit unfair and not precise. )


Plot: The protagonist is an artistic type feminine high-school student entering a elite high-school with a scholarship. She meets a popular handsome boy and a geek-ish boy who claims to her that he can communicate with ghosts. She romantically keeps in mind the existence of the former and was confused with the strange confession of the latter. However, she also feels the existence of the ghost and eventually she is murdered and becomes ghost. To find the truth of her death, the three of them start to investigate the incident. They find out that the classic high-school has been hiding disgusting facts under its fame.


Likable points
* The plot is interesting. I enjoy the storty that the victim of murder investigates the climinal.
Unlikable points
* I believe this novel is intended for femine readers.
Some of attractive parts for these kinds of readers are hard to enjoy for a normal male reader.

* The descriptions and expansion of motives of characters seems to be insufficient. If the description of motives is added, then the story would be more meaningful and realistic.



Sometimes it is mentally difficult for a male reader to read a girl's novel. Attractive boys fell in love with the ordinary girl so easily without sufficient reasons. Of course, the opposite happens in boy's novels. Attractive girls (or such characters) surrounds the ordinary boy so easily without sufficient reasons. If the sex of reader corresponds to that of the protagonist, these kinds of books are enjoyable since the reader can feel sexual catharsis. When the reader cannot feel this kind of pleasure, however, it requires some mind burden for one to complete finishing it. (Though, To be fair, this book is not too much oriented only for girl's novel. It is undeniable that the target of this book is feminine, not male. )