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Comments after reading "The Day Boy and The Night Girl"

It is very sweet to sleep on a pretty's lap! ...It is very pitiful that I can only manage to say this kind of thing... This book is difficult for me. But, some impressions remains within me. The Night Girl is very...very pure, inocent, ang…


ふと、寝る前に考えた問題。 <問題>6人, 2W生存, 猫2COで狂人死亡が確定. そして, 1Wの破綻者がいます. 確定狼1, 霊1, 確定○2(狂人なし), 猫CO2(真狼)という状況が確定しています. この時.... (1) 狩人非生存が確定しているとします. どこを吊りますか? (2…